A Thursday Observation

Crewe is a horrible town. That is an opinion, not a fact. However, the lady at town hall agreed with me. She was in her 50s and she shook her head sadly and said she didn’t know what had become of this town that she was born and bred in. She now lives in Sandbach, which is a pretty little affluent town about 15 minutes away in the car.

Anyway. I mention that Crewe is awful because I want to set the scene. I usually go for a long walk everyday with my boy in his pram to get some fresh air and to get out of the house. Also to add some routine to my day. A structure, if you will.

I more often than not walk half an hour to Queen’s Park, which is really quite beautiful and makes you forget you’re in Crewe at all. There are swans a-plenty and a flock of geese who live on the lake, along with all the manner of pigeons, seagulls, mallards and coots. There are many pathways and glorious scenes set behind some lovely old Victorian pavilions. The park house is an old Victorian house, for of course, Queen’s Park was opened during the Victorian era, and was a gift from the London and North railway to the townspeople, for if Crewe is anything, it is a famous railway town.

Anyway. Yesterday I decided to go for a shorter walk across some green patches that are usually used for fly-tipping (charming Crewe!), and as I walked along in the freezing cold, I stopped short. For, right before my very eyes, was a pony! A lovely little pony with its fringe in its eyes, just meandering about the green. Such a curious sight!

My boy and I had a one-sided conversation about it all. I say one sided, but as I made some comments and exclamations, and wondered aloud what on earth it could be doing there, he did chime in with some ‘dadada’s and some ‘darrrrd’s (bird) and some ‘das’s (cat). He did a bit of pointing to illustrate his thoughts, and looked at me directly in the eyes to show he concurred. What he concurred with, neither of us shall ever know, of course.

I went on my way, then. No use dithering about in the cold. As I passed another residential area, I stopped short again… for, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, on another, smaller stretch of green.. was another pony! How curious. People seemed to be walking by it as though it were of no consequence. I just don’t understand it! We are in the thick of the residential area, there are no farms within walking distance, it is just so baffling. It reminded me of this area in Casablanca which was newly built, but people who owned donkey-pulled carts would leave their donkeys out on the empty stretches of land for the night. They don’t do things like that here in the UK, but it sure looked like someone was keeping a pony or two on Crewe’s green stretches. 

Whatever it meant, it was certainly better than seeing household rubbish and waste piled up amongst weeds and uncut grass.