Well, that is that. This country just elected the conservative party to see them through Brexit. A win so big it hasn’t been seen in this capacity for 80 years.

What on earth does that mean for this country? What does that SAY about us?

I must say I felt terribly disappointed. I feel like a lot of people are smug and happy about it. They think they have done the correct thing. They think they have voted to leave the European Union and that is it. How wrong they are.

I’ve been shocked by people who are quite close to me voting for the tories because they think this is a nanny state, saying things like people ought to work hard for things and shouldn’t have free healthcare. I agree! I think if you are able, you must work hard and earn money to pay for things. But if you genuinely can’t, then my taxes can help you until you are back on your feet. I think that is the best way to go. Less poverty, less depression, less cruelty, more happiness, more equality, more peace in society! The biggest driver of crime, I think, is poverty and lack of education. The cuts to the education system and the cuts to benefits has certainly seen a rise in crime in the UK!! Invest in a rich country, not just economically, but socially!!! How thick do you have to be to NOT see this? How privileged???

Saying things like I’d rather pay for health insurance than pay taxes so more vulnerable people don’t get free cancer care and free ambulances.

I feel sickened to my core.

Boris Johnson says they are not selling off the NHS, but facts show the conservatives have been selling parts of this valued service to private companies since 2015. They have already sold so much patient data to American drug companies, so they know exactly where to hit to drain the NHS of its finances. So when it goes belly up the tories can raise their well-fed fingers and say, OOPS! It’s ok for them, though. They can afford private hospitals.

I am stunned and gutted.



I am 25 and my right knee gets stiff and hurts when I sit for too long.

I don’t think it means I am old. I think it means I am not active enough. A smart person would create a goal and an action plan to combat that before they DID get old, and it became a real issue, rather than a minor hindrance. I think I am smart, but then I keep doing un-smart things. So I don’t know if there will be an action plan. Let’s wait and see. *peers into the future*

A week from today is the UK general election. The UK have been doing some very stupid things lately. Or maybe I have just reached mental maturity and now understand that all politics is stupid and we have always been doing stupid things. They say mental maturity is reached at 24 years of age, and that until then your brain is still growing and learning. Not to say that the brain doesn’t still grow and learn after that age, but that is the age at which most things solidify.

I can tell you honestly that the latest politics have taught me that everything is run by egos. Leaders are not intelligent, they are confident.

People will buy any kind of faeces. Look at America, and how they decided to buy into Trump. Well, we bought into his lookalike, Boris Johnson, and most people will certainly buy into him again because Jeremy Corbyn hates Jews. What a sodding pile of soggy excrement.

Hating Israel does not mean you hate Jews. I love Jews. But I hate Zionists because they pillage Palestinian land and use their children as human shields, whilst claiming their army is the best because it is vegan and cruelty free. Anyway. I digress.

Has the UK gone to the bins before? I am sure it has. Will it go to the bins again? Certainly.

I just hope this time the bins are the recycling kind that don’t smell too bad.

God help us all.


I am noticing that a lot of money is being wasted in this country. A lot of food is being thrown away. A lot of systems function very poorly. Money is not being distributed correctly.

Here are some examples:

  1. Supermarkets won’t stock wonky vegetables. Even though lots of vegetables grow wonky anyway. So what are they doing with the wonky ones? They are perfectly edible. Are we such a fussy, entitled society that we wouldn’t buy wonky ones? What a waste.
  2. The NHS user outdated computer systems to manoeuvre all their workings. Mainly because it is non profitable to any single person, so the government doesn’t feel like it needs to update the systems, which mostly run on year 2000 software. This results in a lot of time wasted and long queues, and wasted time is wasted money. That is not efficient.

So what is the solution?

Here is a small suggestion. We need to change democracy, and get rid of politicians.

Politicians are a bunch of really rich people who haven’t lived the life 80% of this country live daily. They don’t struggle with their taxes, they aren’t in debt, and they aren’t single parents of minimal wage trying to make ends meet in an economy where the gap between salary and living expenses for the average Joe is astronomical. They, in short, do not care, and so what they think is best for this country is in fact not the best for this country.

They get to claim tens of thousands per year in FOOD expenses. LUNCHES at parliament, lunches they could make at home with the massive incomes we pay them.

That is not fair.

All of our money is being handed to these people for them to do what they want with it.

It is all very well to say, ok, let us choose somebody more like us. People like us don’t often get into politics, or if they do they get bribed and corrupted by money.

So, what if there was an electronic database, where the regular taxpayer can login, and choose where to put his taxes? All the different sectors will be available, and the funds required for all the services on full display, meticulously planned out, and we can choose where to put our money. This would eliminate the need for a politician to decided what to budget for what, and where cuts should be made.

So our money isn’t going into unnecessary military activities or into the fat pockets of Tory bastards. It is going, where we can see it, into the places that need it the most, to the people who are the most vulnerable, and we should have the power to choose where our tax money goes, so we don’t resent paying tax.

The crumbling NHS is a prime example.

When vulnerable people have their money taken away, they find it harder to live, making them a hindrance to society because of the inevitable mental health troubles that would follow. This makes them less likely to be innovative, educated and creative, meaning lots of people in our society become more and more ignorant, and prone to going for alcohol and drugs to ease the pain. If we help them, so they can lead healthy lifestyles, they will be an asset to society, and we would grow stronger as a nation.

People like to be in control.

I think the people should be in charge, and the fundamental idea of democracy needs to change. They say the people run the country, but I don’t see that. It isn’t true. Those who run the country are those who have the money. Money is power. And they are profiting in the billions over our backs. They are taking money away from the most vulnerable, chasing them up, when the most cushy people get away with tax evasion.

What do you think?


I waited all day in the hospital on Friday because of an ailment I had. I had a needle pushed jerkily into my hand by a fourth year Medical student. She seemed shy and withdrawn, but I spoke to her and asked her about her studies, and she seemed to open up a little and we had a small laugh together.

The nurses were hustled and bustled, hair askew and irate. They had too much on. The doctors were seeing to and speaking to several patients at a time.

While sitting on the bed in the triage unit, I asked the doctor, while he was tapping away at another patient’s report: “Sorry to bother you, this is a completely unrelated question, but is all this (meaning the 11 hour wait, the lack of enough doctors to deal with patients, the lack of nurses) because of the cuts to the NHS?”

He was hesitant to reply but when he did, it was apparent that he was stressed out with the workload and said they hadn’t enough “facilities to deal with demand.”

Fellow humans, my disease does not seem serious enough to be admitted to the ward but I waited there all day only to be told I was referred to my GP. I understood why I had to wait so long. The NHS is becoming inefficient and slow, many people are leaving or buckling under the pressure. There is too much, and too little.

D said to me yesterday, “I don’t know why you’re complaining. It’s a classic British thing, to expect everything for free. It’s a free healthcare system, why are you complaining!?”

Well, I wouldn’t be complaining if a massive chunk of my income went on taxes. I expect the best service there is, if my taxes are only getting higher. I make so much money yet barely have any for myself. And the money we DO pay are being used for ridiculous ventures by the Tories, like bombing other countries.

We all contribute money from our income to make this country BETTER. NOT to throw bombs at other countries and put our country at a higher risk. Better health, better living standards, better quality food, better government, better education, better society.

Speaking of better education, have you SEEN the new rules in schools now? Students run the game, not teachers. Teachers have no respect, and are the lowest paid professionals.

It is known that the massive corporations in Britain do not pay Tax. The government will attack a common man who forgot to send his tax returns report in on time, but will ignore MILLIONS of pounds worth of tax from a large corporation.

Also it is a known fact that the Conservative party, run by the 1% of billionaires in this country AND outside this country, all have premium healthcare and are therefore not in need of free healthcare. They are running their own agenda.

They want the NHS to fail, they want to privatise the NHS, and they are making cuts to perhaps one of the MOST IMPORTANT institutions in this country.

Do you know how many people will suffer?

The NHS is the best thing to happen to this country after WW2. It is one of the things Britain is renowned for, it joined this country together and made life easier for us. It helped to create a society in which less people suffered; the rich paid taxes to help the poor. It made sense.¬†Of course it wasn’t always for the benefit of the people, but it certainly was more so than it is today.

Honestly, what I saw on Friday made me realise that this country is truly going to the dogs. It’s losing respect.

Sorry about this post, my feelings are strong on this one. It makes me want to rise up in the world and take control.