Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time there was a street on which lived a bunch of families. They all knew each other, and their children played together out on the road. The women called on each other almost daily, dropping in for a cup of tea in each other’s kitchens, rushing over to tell a bit of news, help with some painting, visit a poorly neighbour. There were street parties every so often, to celebrate a marriage, a graduation, or to welcome somebody home.

Laughter was shared, happiness was spread, and they even felt sadness together, everybody gathering into the home of the afflicted, paying respects, giving hugs, pies in tow. Nobody was left to experience sadness alone, and everybody shared each other’s joy.

They were like a big, happy family.

Of course there were the feuds and the fights. Mrs Mack didn’t like the way Mrs Jameson got involved whenever the kids had an argument, Mr Willis thought Mr Hans was a bit of a rogue, but they had big hearts, and good ones, and that is what bonded them together and made them stronger.

Nobody dropped bombs on innocent children, nobody used religion as an excuse to kill other people, nobody hated anybody because they were black or blue or orange (trust me, there were some very blue people on this street, but that’s another story), nobody had a hidden agenda, nobody decided they wanted more money than they already had so therefore no innocent civilians were killed as a direct result of this greed. People lived and let live.

But that story is not real. And there are so many people on earth.

The most dangerous and corrupt people are in power.