Rory Gilmore is not a nice person.


I am rewatching Gilmore Girls from the beginning because the revival just did not sit well with me. I needed to reevaluate my love for this show by watching it from beginning to end – and I have already reached episode 2 of season 5.

I just realised that Rory and Lorelai are not very nice people at all. Everybody in the show is always emphasising how Rory is such a nice, kind hearted girl. Such a studious bookish person raised independently by her mother well away from the privileged wealth of her family. She was raised to be self sufficient and reliable and generally quite.. well.. perfect.

But I just see that she goes against that in almost all the interactions she has with people. She is always complaining, a trait she clearly adopts from her mother, despite not really having anything to complain about, and doesn’t treat other people very well at all!

But let me get to the real reason I am writing this instead of a critical report on the theories of creativity in discourse. Rory is just horrible at relationships. Being brought up, as they say, to be the best person she can be, she certainly did not handle her relationships in the best way that she could have.

In the first relationship with Dean, when Rory started developing feelings for Jess, she just carried on leading Dean on despite knowing where her heart truly was. That could be forgivable, not everybody knows what to do in such situations and sometimes they just settle out of fear of rejection. It’s a mistake lots of youth make.

But the sleeping with Dean when he was MARRIED mistake?! That was inexcusable. And while she realised it was wrong after she had done it, she still went and did it again in Miss Patty’s dance room of all places! It just seems like an extremely selfish and short sighted thing to do.

And to add insult to injury, she tried to justify it to her mother by saying, “Dean was my boyfriend first!”

If Rory was perfect like everybody keeps saying she is, then her character would be wishy washy and just unbelievable, so it makes sense to deviate her a little. But to cheat with another woman’s husband goes against everything in her core beliefs, that it just makes her seem quite a hypocrite. She is not nice at all, she is pretty self obsessed and self centered, not bothering to think about how others would be hurt by her actions. Her strongest motivator is desire. Whatever Rory wants, Rory gets. Everybody around her serve no purpose but to magnify her pure wonderfulness. She avoids problems by running away from them. For example, going to Europe straight away to avoid facing the consequences of being a mistress.

Also, if that wasn’t heinous enough, when confronted by Lindsay and her mother next to the gazebo, Lorelai had the audacity to stand up for her daughter as though Rory was in the right, mothering her and coddling her all the way to Luke’s after that offering her ‘pie, coffee, etc on me!’ because poor poor Rory just went through the harrowing experience of having the mother of the girl she WRONGED very rightfully expressing her hurt and anger towards her! Wake up Rory, you did a bad thing, you can’t expect everybody to still love you and think you’re perfect. Rory didn’t deserve pie or root beer, she deserved a slap around her silly little frivolous head.

Rory is just good at taking from others; time and friendship and love and money, but so reluctant to give. Something she has in common with her mother.

Take the grandparents for example, they aren’t the best parents but they clearly love Lorelai to bits and want the best for her, and they had to force her to come and visit them weekly as payment for funding Chilton?! It is just so selfish.