My Landlady (what a majestic sounding title that is, Lady of the Land!) is coming for an ‘inspection’ today and I was sitting down, minding my own business, doing my work and waiting for her arrival (she said 2:15, it’s now 2:24..) when I noticed that my feet were cold.

Usually when I notice such a thing I tuck my feet beneath my bottom, because that is the warm and comfy thing to do. However, now that my senses are heightened to the arrival of the Lady of the Land, I thought I had better get up and put some socks on.

That is what any self respecting renter of an apartment would do, is it not?

Imagine the Lady of the land walking in to see my giant lobster feet under the cuffs of my jeans!

In doing the latter, I have realised very solemnly, very morosely, that I must be turning into what they call ‘adult’.