What Happened on Saturday?

Here is a repost of one of the first blog posts I ever wrote on this site. Mainly because I am busy studying and thought it would be good to recycle. 


This isn’t an exclusive insight into Saturday the 21st of December, but a summary of lots of Saturdays, and the significance of Saturdays, and what Saturday has come to mean.

Everybody has a different image in their minds when they hear the word ‘Saturday’.

For me, Saturdays are laced with yet other obligations I must adhere to. I have archery classes on a Saturday, and while this may not be an obligation as SUCH, it is nevertheless something I know will deter me from having a classic weekend lie in!

Saturday the 21st, 2013, was an interesting day. I was kept busy enough not to notice that I had a sore throat settling in until right after dinner, when swallowing my peppermint tea became rather a chore. Hmm, thought I, I do hope I am not coming down with anything!

My hopes were slammed to the curb however, when I woke up this morning feeling absolutely despicable.

When I used to live abroad, Saturdays were the first days of the week, meaning that my school week began on a Saturday, and ended on a Wednesday. Needless to say our Saturdays were like Mondays, and our Wednesdays were like Fridays!

During those schooldays I made up a song-y sort of limerick that went along the lines of,

“Saturday, chatterday, butterscotch and batter day”

and I can’t remember the rest but it was quite catchy and I used to sing it every Saturday whilst I was getting ready for school. Saturdays are rather measly, in general. Everybody is out on a Saturday so your usual haunts are no longer your own personal haunts but the haunts of the world, which diminishes their sense of ‘haunt’, as it were.

Personally I prefer Fridays. They consist of a day’s worth of hard work, and end in an evening of rest and relaxation, which, unlike on a Saturday, feel DESERVED because one had worked their ass off for it! Added to that feeling is the sense of freedom which comes with knowing that you can stay up as long as you wish doing whatever you like, because there is nothing to prepare for the next day, and no specific time in which you have to be awake!

Also, I shall take this opportunity to say that the dates and the days of December 2013 correspond to the dates and the days of September of the same year! To make this statement clearer, I shall give you an example. In September, this year, the 21st occured on a Saturday, and the 22nd occurred on a Sunday, which is the same as the 21st of this month (December), which occurred on a Saturday, and the 22nd (today) which happens to fall on a Sunday! I just thought this was an interesting little bitsy fact worthy of note.

What comes to your mind when you think of ‘Saturday’?