Dear People of the Earth

Do you think that you a responsible for a certain niche in the world?

Do you think that you, as a single person amongst seven billion of us, has the capability to make a difference on this earth?

Think about your day. Think about when you wake up, and see the sun shining. You get up and brush your teeth, the tap splashing down. Sometimes you might, if you lived in the UK, have both taps on full blast because one is too hot and the other is too cold and you have to dip your hand in each one to get the desired temperature with which to wash your face and body. You might not think that was causing any problems, but really, you are.

‘You’ is a collective word. It is plural. The you reading this, is one of many ‘you’s. It’s true. If all of you do that then effectively you are wasting gallons and gallons of water.

Do you ever throw a small piece of rubbish out of you car window? I know this is an issue that people already know about, but folks, my own husband did it yesterday. He rolled down his window and threw out a receipt!

Oh, I know it was only a small scrap of paper, but there are lots of ‘hims’ rolling down car windows and throwing out small receipts. Small receipts can make a mountain of small receipts, you know.

I was very angry. I made him stop the car and pick it up. Thankfully we were on a small road at a very late hour.

I was riding the train to Birmingham (the UK Birmingham, not the USA one) the other day. We slowed down significantly as the train snaked through the city.

“How ugly,”, I thought, “this city is.” Lots of corrugated iron roofs, lorries and giant skips filled with rubbish. Roads looking dirty and in need of a good scrub, walls in need of many licks of paint. We came through an area where the ground rose high above the tracks on either side. At the top was a brick wall running the length of the tracks, to protect civilians from falling down the steep incline onto oncoming trains. The city bustled above, the heavy purple clouds amassed over us and as the rain started to spit angrily down upon us, slashing the train windows with long lines of tiny water droplets, all I could see was the rubbish on the inclines.

The grass was dead, long and matted. Grey in some areas, it was covered. Rubbish bags, food cartons, and lots of unidentifiable white plastic scattered among the foliage. Trapped inside.

“How,” I thought, “is anybody going to be able to clean that?”

The truthful answer, of course, is that they can’t. It is dangerous. One could easily slip and roll onto the tracks in the path of oncoming trains, which, I can imagine, are running constantly in and out of the city and all through it.

The same could be said of the motorway. We were travelling along, last Saturday. The day was bright and beautiful. I had my water and when we turned out of the main driveway and onto the country road I was feeling happy. The grass was green, the blossoms had started to fluff up the trees…

I started to feel sick when we got onto the main motorways, though. So much rubbish lined the grass verges. I was looking carefully. What could POSSIBLY be there?

Well, the usual things, of course. Takeaway boxes, empty drinks cans, drinks bottles and cups, tissues, plastic bags, the odd nappy, a shoe here and there, a piece of clothing strung over a dead branch.. a bit of graffiti on an otherwise clean road sign. It’s a sad and disheartening matter, folks, when we consider ourselves to be a civilised and forward folk, and yet our verges are lined with rubbish that people allow to sail forth from their cars.

Please don’t do that. The things will sit there forever, uglifying our landscape. Britain is a beautiful country. The views are sometimes incredible. When the weather is good, the world sparkles with green and gold and blue and light, why ruin it by throwing a small receipt out of your car window?

Get a bin bag for your car. Put some rubbish in it. Step back a little bit. You are living on land that doesn’t belong to you. You will die someday, sooner than you think, and the world will have to carry on, shouldering your dirt. Make a good impact, and not a dirty one, please.

Thank you for listening. Much love.


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