Running on Empty

Why do people say that they are running on empty?

They aren’t running.

They are just empty.

The sun can suck your energy out.

Especially if you live in a country where the sun is consistently shrouded by cloud.

Clouds of shroud.

Covering its beaming face.

When the sun comes out all and sundry scuttle from their hidey holes.

And it drains energy.

So lobster arms and legs sprawl, blistering, in the heat, empty cans hanging loosely from fleshy claws.

And people are truly, then, running on empty.

And when the sun sets, and the ashen dregs of barbecues are ground into the floor under hardened soles, the cold night air surges again, and the stars pop out to twinkle, one by one.

We never run on empty.

We just run.

13 thoughts on “Running on Empty

  1. Truthfully, I look forward to a dark and crisp night, I find more energy there. I never before thought much about ‘running on empty’ other than to relate it to we push ourselves into exhaustion and think we have nothing left.

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    • I look forward to it too, sometimes it alleviates the blistering pain of a scorching hot day. I like that, Colleen, I was playing on the fact that we ‘think’ we have nothing left, yet we keep on going 🙂 Thanks ever so much for sharing your thoughts, they are always a pleasure to read.


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