Are you following coronavirus rules where you are? What ARE the rules where you live? Is your government/local government making this clear?

Are you TIRED of coronavirus?

I am tired of it but since my son is asthmatic (hopefully it’s only childhood asthma but you can never be too careful) I am wary. So wary. But I have been doing things in this second wave that I would never have dared to do in the first wave.

Like taking my son to the supermarket. Out of necessity more than anything really, but this is something I would never have contemplated in the first wave. I feel guilty about it and like I am doing something VERY WRONG. He is 20 months old this Saturday (I know right, wow?!?!) and the supermarket is a strange and expansive place for him. He is in awe of it. Now if that isn’t a side effect of a pandemic then I don’t know what is.

I make sure to stay far away from people, and thankfully EVERYBODY I see wears a mask, because it’s the law now to wear masks in indoor spaces. And when something is the law in the UK, social etiquette demands that people adhere to it, no matter how much they grumble about it in their own homes. If one doesn’t adhere to it, they will definitely be discussed about contemptuously around dinner tables. (Tea tables if you’re ‘up North’). I live up North and so far, indoors, most people wear masks.

Who knows what really goes on, eh?

If you’re interested in some good thorough coronavirus news from the UK, check out this blog post. Ellen Hawley writes concisely and in a very entertaining way about the various things the UK is managing to do (and not to do) during this pandemic.

13 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Being childless, I hadn’t thought about the impact of these times on a toddler, who sees all this as just the way the world is. What you wrote more or less knocked the breath out of me. I’m glad everyone around you is masked. Down here in Cornwall, I’m seeing some who go maskless–not many, but a few–and one who wore his mask under his nose, but a woman working a cash register ripped him a new one and I suspect he’ll hesitate about doing that again. I was in line behind him and told her she was wonderful–which she was.

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I appreciate it.

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    • A lot of parents are noticing the impact this pandemic has had on their children. I think it might be worse for older children who were used to socialising and suddenly had that ripped away from them. Does a lot to self confidence and mental health it appears. Haha, that woman IS wonderful, good for her. Lots of people are afraid to speak up! Your blog was the most informative piece and which covered coronavirus from a variety of angles in a tone which was not panic-inducing nor was it blasé. Just what we need in these times!

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  2. Everybody is tired of coronavirus, but people got to do what is necessary. Imagine a world where people do what they have to do. Oh … I’m dreaming. Cheers to you taking care of your son! PS: The first walk went up on Tuesday … next one is Saturday.

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  3. It’s a mixed bag here. Some people are very good about adhering to the suggestions and mandates, others-not so much. I am trying to be very cognizant of what I am/am not doing. I have slipped up a couple of times. Because I work from home I am still not used to wearing a mask. I keep them with me but forget them in my car. Often I have gotten out, walked until I saw a mask on someone and rushed back to get mine. I would feel horrible if I was any part of spreading this if I could have prevented it (at least to the best of my ability).

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  4. The US has few rules, since 40% of our population wants the “freedom” to get infected and infect others. *Sigh* Virus-fatigue has definitely set in at my house. I continue to go to the grocery store, babysit for the grandson, and take care of my parents. There is risk, but those are the things I can’t avoid. We all just do the best we can. 🙂

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    • There certainly is risk but you’ve got to assess it against other risks like mental health and daily living and of course, caring for your parents! I think in these times we just ought to be cautious and sensible. You’re so right about doing the best we can. Wishing you and your family well Diana.

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