My Tottering TBR

This is part of Diana from Myths of the Mirror‘s writing challenge for January. Check it out here!


My TBR is tottering over me. She has claws, and stern eyebrows, drawn tightly towards each other.

Some would call it a monobrow.

She wears tweed, and always looks so very cross.

Brown clothes, brown hair, whisked back into a knot.

Oh the tightest knot you ever saw.

My TBR is tall.

So tall that her shadow looms over my shoulder whenever I deign to do something she doesn’t approve of. Which, come to think of it, is EVERYTHING.

I wonder what makes her so mean?

13 thoughts on “My Tottering TBR

    • Thank you Diana. It was a poor attempt, to be honest. I had something far better in mind, some lovely expansion of this teensy little idea, but you know being a mother of tots means that you’re trying to expand the idea while someone is pouring water all over the carpet so you dive away and your idea is lost. But I am so glad i tried your challenge. A writing challenge is always great. Thank you for presenting it to us, and i truly have enjoyed reading some of the entries this month. such talented writing! Happy reading to you too ❤ Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!

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